December 9, 2014

A rotten apple spoils the barrel. That’s the saying. It’s not “a few bad apples and everything’s still okay.”

I have a sneaking suspicion that secretive government organizations are secret simply because they do heinous, objectionable shit. I also have a suspicion that those who are fine with that shit when it eventually comes out are bootlicking fascists themselves — who’d wanna piss off the boss?

Has anything that’s ever come out about the CIA been good? The only CIA operations I can think of involve overthrowing democratic governments, assassinating people, arming murderers, torturing prisoners, and conducting human experimentation on unwitting people.

It’s almost as if this barrel known as America is a huge festering pile of shit apples, and everyone who can do something about it is huffing the jenkem of freedom, democracy, short-term profits from the status quo, and heinous shit that’s “justifiable given the circumstances.”

I’ve gotta give the CIA props, though. I didn’t even realize people could be force-fed hummus through their ass, let alone regularly enough to induce rectal prolapse.

Watercolor comic
by Gabby Schulz