May 19, 2014

In reality, representational democracy in a statist government serves only to pacify its populace. The government still rules, but by presenting itself as democratic with civil elections, it gives its citizens an illusion of power. An informed populace is required for a working democracy, but nonetheless, the self-proclaimed democratic governments of the West monitor and control the flow of information to their citizens, directing their beliefs and desires in turn. In the West, true freedom can only be found through direct action and willful disregard of government authority.

In organizations composed of compartmented secrecies, such as governments and multinational corporations, horrendous things are allowed to occur without public blowback; each organization is composed of compartments upon compartments, with every compartment its own operational black box. In the event secret information does escape from a compartment, an information breach is limited to the scale and knowledge of that compartment alone, allowing the greater organizational structure to survive. Government secrecy in a democratic society, however, serves only to undermine that society.

The Internet is uncontrolled, it is the only widely available fount of free information. Because of that, the governments of the West, in bed with corporations, some of which manage portions of Internet infrastructure themselves, seek to erode the Internet and close its porous borders in order to protect themselves and their control systems. Anti-network neutrality measures seek only to destabilize the Internet for the purposes of individual governments and corporations, and if such measures are successful, they would mean the beginning of the end for the Internet as we know it today; the Internet would be first balkanized and then nationalized, resulting in easily controlled clusters of government-sanctioned civil Intranets. There would still be ‘darknets’ like Freenet, I2P, GNUnet and various onion sites, but I doubt their presence would be known to greater society, as is also true now.

Once you lose something, it’s very hard to get it back.