Don’t lock doors

June 10, 2014

From the moment each of us realized we were alive, we doomed ourselves to die. Perhaps ignorance truly is bliss when every time we realize something, we end up worrying about it in the back of our minds. That constant worry of death may be what keeps us alive, at least for a little while longer, but there’s more to life than worrying about something that no amount of worrying will stop. Death brings meaning to life, and life brings meaning to death; death creates life, life creates death; without one, you wouldn’t have the other — if things never changed, there wouldn’t be a need for time or consciousness.

We’re all players in life. Upon birth, we are born into whatever games our parents played, and should we give birth, we bring more players into our games. When we are young, we are naïve, but as our understandings and worries grow, we become more conscious of this world around us, along with its games, and we are able to see possible escape routes more clearly, or how we can rig life’s games in our favor. Life, however, is an intricate mess of interwoven games, so it’s unlikely we’ll understand and stop playing them all — if someone consciously quits one game, they’ll find themselves with ample time to be seduced by another.

The biggest driving force of suffering in this world is greed. Every action or system based off of greed only hurts us in the end, but nonetheless, the majority of society is fine with playing that game. The driving mechanism for this greed in American society is advertising, which simultaneously convinces us that we’re worthless and that we’re able to find some worth through buying whatever snake-oil elixirs are being sold today, for limited time only, until new elixirs come out tomorrow. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with telling others that you offer a service — no one will benefit from what you keep to yourself — but I’m talking about the advertizing industry.

Don’t place a product between yourself and happiness. That happiness exists within you; don’t push it away and put a gate around it, that only something you don’t already have will unlock; something someone else doesn’t need themselves, so they sell it to others instead of giving it away freely. Don’t let someone violate your trust and take advantage of you, all the more for you to suffer.