January 21, 2016

Encryption is bad.​ We all know it. Bad people use encryption to plan against us in secret, obscured from our panopticon’s ever-loving, protective gaze.

I​’m not even really sure what encryption means, but I’m told it’s math. And Daesh or whatever they’re called is good at math; they practically invented algebra or something like that. I think crypts also have something to do with death, and honestly, that’s pretty scary.

​It’s time we do away with encryption.

​No more math. No more camouflage. No more disguises. No more codes. No more slang. No more hand signals. No more winks. No more envelopes. No more wrapping paper. No more digital rights management.

No more trusts. No more corporate veils. No more limited liability. No more non-disclosure agreements. No more gag orders. No more back rooms. No more walls.

No more personal thoughts! Vocalize everything!

No more classified documents. No more secret courts. No more personal or operational security for spooks, soldiers, officials, or dignitaries.

No more secrets! No more surprises!

No more phone numbers. No more addresses. No more compartments, labels, classifications, or any other methods for organizing and understanding our world.

No more locks! No more safes!

​It’s high time we end this game of secrecy. Let’s just lay everything out in the open for all to see. Let’s end propriety and privacy!

No more competitive advantages!

​Let's have corporations and governments both publish their databases on users, customers, citizens, residents, and aliens. Give us your ‘graphs’ of people’s names, ages, races, religions, genders, identities, locations, movements, associations, likes, dislikes, weaknesses, strengths, criminal records, and whatever other ‘metadata’ accumulated.

Give everything! Keep nothing!

Image of a man reading documents