February 10, 2017

Once a year or so I have a moment where I wonder what the people I used to know are doing.

So I log into Facebook for the first time in forever. Ah, some people post too much. I’d rather see the last three or so posts from everyone on my friend lists, not countless posts from the same three people.

Alright, so I’ll check my friend list and manually view people’s profiles. Well it looks like almost everyone I’m friends with uses Facebook just as infrequently as me, or they’ve disabled their profile, as I have done in the past.

Some names in particular are now noticeably absent from my friend list. I guess they unfriended me for whatever reason. I understand that. I unadd people now and then too, usually because I nonsensically want that number showing how many people I follow to look smaller, and seemingly abandoned profiles among my friend list are an easy choice to unadd.

All I really ever discover is that since I last logged in, a few people got married, had kids, or changed their profile picture. The people I’m most interested in maintain profiles just as sparse as mine, have deactivated, or have unfriended me since I last logged in.

Naturally I don’t update my profile before logging out.