March 9, 2015

My microphone setup is fairly esoteric. I use an old XLR broadcast microphone hooked up to my computer through a USB interface. It’s not too out there, but I think it’s fairly unique since most other people I know use headsets. I’m sure most other audio nerds have similar and even more advanced setups.

My setup just didn’t have enough gain, though. The audio it produced was always just a little too quiet for my liking. It was serviceable, but my voice was only just above the noise floor.

The other day I finally decided to grab a pre-amplifier to throw in the chain. Since I wanted to add as few cables as possible, I was limited to phantom power options, but I think I chose the best option available to me: the FetHead by Triton Audio.

I could have gone with the Cloud Cloudlifter CL-1 for two or three more decibels of gain, but those few decibels weren’t worth the extra space and wiring required. Seriously, the FetHead is the size of an XLR plug, shorter than my finger, and you just put it on the end of your XLR cable.

I previously had my interface’s gain turned up to two or three o’clock, but now with the FetHead, I’ve been able to turn it down completely. You know those times where you get something and instantly just don’t know how you lived so long without it? After only a short amount of time spent playing around with the FetHead, I already don’t know if I can go back.

Now to spend months deciding if I want a compressor, too…