Greenie Weenies

September 26, 2015

Green activists are naïve about nuclear power. It’s the cleanest energy source we have, and their failure to support it is shameful.

The United States needs to decrease its consumption of coal and gas. We all know it. But how do we do so when no one’s willing to give up the luxuries of modern life?

Transitioning to nuclear energy is the only way. We’ve known for decades, yet our electrical grid is still coal-fired.

Beyond fear, the reason is nuclear power comes with a price tag just as impressive as its potential. But large and expensive projects are what governments do. It’s why we pay taxes.

And though solar’s not as clean as nuclear, it’s another energy source we would be foolish to neglect. Home systems are pricier than continued grid use, but solar-powered homes decrease grid burden.

I realize petroleum in particular will be hard to move away from. Plastic comes from petroleum, as do many other common materials, like paints and fabrics. But like everything in life, the sooner you start, the better.

It’s just a shame it’s cheaper to keep burning the planet. The people after us might’ve enjoyed it.