Heil Trump

September 20, 2015

After the 2008 American Presidential Election, various failed nominees like Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin landed themselves media deals.

The election was a huge media circus, and Barack Obama won. You’re probably aware of this, but Obama is black, and also technically a Muslim apostate by Islamic religio-legal definitions. Obama also believes on some level that a country should help its poor and sick citizens, making him a socialist in the eyes of some.

It should be obvious, but large swathes of the United States are bigoted against blacks, Muslims, and have been subjected to over a hundred years of ‘red scare.’

After Obama won, the electorate was irritated, watching aggrandizing pundit shows like Glenn Beck’s on Fox News in record numbers. The election may have ended, but the media circus did not. Giving people what they want is good business.

When the 2012 Presidential Election came along, Obama won again. The media machine still had fuel, but by then, many of 2008’s pundits had lost their shows from flying too close to the sun, or by leaving to start their own networks. Fox News sought to bring new guest commentators on regularly, fresh faces with new perspectives, one of which was Donald Trump.

When Donald Trump announced his run for President a few months ago, and Fox News continued to bring him on as a daily guest, I figured Trump’s end goal was to land a show on Fox News, like Mike Huckabee did. Trump loves television, but his television show ‘the Apprentice’ is stale, slumping in both viewership and brand opportunities — it’s time to move on.

Trump’s a businessman. If you know anything about him, it’s that. He won’t stop talking about business deals conducted while working for, and then after inheriting, his late-father Fred’s real-estate company, already worth hundreds of millions of dollars before Donald was old enough to work.

So Trump put his business and media smarts to work on Fox News, sussing out a market, learning what the most-watched news channel’s demographic wanted. And now he’s dominating conservative pre-election polls.

It’s been a wonderful play, but the amount of success he’s had is depressing once you inspect his platform.

Trump’s platform is fascism. It’s about restoring a nation to greatness by way of power politics and the expulsion of undesirables.

A disturbingly large number of people are completely disgusting and utterly reprehensible.