Icons, 2015

May 6, 2015

Sometimes people post what’s on their computer. This morning I saw a blog post along those lines and thought it’d be fun to do one too. I’m sure a lot of people will recognize these icons — my software choices really aren’t that exotic — but I’ll label them anyway.


The icons I keep on screen, forever blasting into my eyeballs, are programs I use either daily or frequently enough that it’s weird if I can’t open them instantly. I don’t need everything in my face at all times, so I tend to remove clutter. It’s not like my programs will vanish forever if I stop looking at them. For anything else I need, Left Windows or ⌘+Space, plus a couple letters from the program’s name, is quick enough.

Task bar
Desktop gaming “workstation”
  1. Firefox — web browser
  2. Skype — instant messenger
  3. TeamSpeak 3 — VOIP client
  4. Steam — game store
  5. Premiere — video editor
  6. Audition — audio editor
  7. Photoshop — image manipulator
  8. Dreamweaver — web editor
  9. Spotify — music streamer
  10. Dxtory — game recorder
  11. SixUpdater — Arma 2 mod manager
  12. PlayWithSix — Arma 3 mod manager
  13. TrackIR — head-tracking software
  14. Notepad — text editor
  15. FileZilla — FTP client
  16. Janetter — Twitter client
  17. RealVNC — remote screen viewer
  18. On-Screen Keyboard — a keyboard… on my screen
Laptop slouch-station
  1. Finder — file browser
  2. Safari — web browser
  3. Notes — iCloud-based notes
  4. Lightroom — photo processor
  5. Coda — web editor
  6. Twitter — Twitter client
  7. Textual — IRC client
  8. Reeder — RSS reader
  9. Trash — deleted files
Personal server
  1. Finder — file browser
  2. Safari — web browser
  3. Chrome — web browser
  4. Firefox — web browser
  5. Terminal — terminal client
  6. Automator — batch processor
  7. Activity Monitor — system monitor
  8. Sequel Pro — database manager
  9. Server — server manager
  10. Carbon Copy Cloner — backup automation
  11. Sublime Text — text editor
  12. Coda — web editor
  13. Applications — my programs
  14. Downloads — downloaded files
  15. Trash — deleted files
Phone screen
They’re labeled already!

Q: Why do you have RealVNC on your desktop but no screen-sharing or FTP applications on your laptop?
A: iCloud’s “Back to my Mac” fulfills my VNC needs there. Back to my Mac also lets you drag-and-drop files, but generally I use Coda for FTP.

Q: Why does the server have three web browsers?
A: Well, all of my computers have multiple browsers installed for web stuff. I just don’t care much about dock clutter on the server since I only see it through VNC. I could certainly remove them, but muscle memory… expectations… excuses…

Q: Why do you use Firefox on your desktop but Safari on your laptop?
A: Safari looks nicer but not so much on Windows, and the three extensions I use are in both browsers. The only thing that sucks is a lack of shared bookmarks and other iCloud things, but that’s totally understandable. If I truly cared, Apple has an iCloud-bookmarks extension for Firefox.

Q: How do you share files?
A: As much as I like the idea of OwnCloud, I always come back to Dropbox due to its reliability and ease of use, and because I have twenty gigabytes of free storage through referrals and whatnot. I tend to use Google Drive for documents and spreadsheets, though. Pages and Numbers are supposedly usable from Windows through iCloud.com, but I only use that website to access Notes from Windows, or like, to share URLs with myself.

Q: Why do you have your Applications and Downloads folders in your server’s dock, but not in your laptop’s?
A: I keep them there since VNC is slow enough to the point where I find it more comfortable to click on things instead of type. Whereas on my laptop, I generally open applications and downloaded files through Spotlight.

Q: Anything else?
A: I use Bartender to remove further clutter from my Menu bar, namely Notification Center, Dropbox, Twitter, and Bartender itself.