November 11, 2014

When I first get any device, I take time to turn everything off. My phone only lights up for calls and texts, and my tablet never lights up on its own. Likewise, I let few apps display notifications on my computer, and Bartender allows me to hide any of my unwanted menu items. When I’m giving something my attention, I don’t need anything else popping up to fight for it.

Sometimes I venture into forum threads where people show off their desktops and docks. I don’t know why someone would want everything they have on their computer always in front of them.

There was a time when I flooded my dock with apps. At some point I realized I didn’t use many of those apps often enough to justify their constant presence in my face, so I removed them all. I’ve since added back the ones I use daily, but if I need something that’s not in my dock, I can open it through Spotlight. It’s instantaneous. If I don’t use an app often, there’s no reason to keep it in my face.

Just turn notifications off. Do you need to know the moment a newsletter arrives? Sure, you can ignore the notification, but do you need the distraction?