Parental controls

November 1, 2014

I’m sitting here, listening to my pre-teen cousin talk to himself while playing some violent video game. He spends most afternoons and evenings on his tablet, gaming and watching online videos.

Hearing him talk to himself while he plays games is eerily similar to those YouTube gaming channels I avoid; it’s repulsive. I suppose it’s perhaps better that he’s idle and distracted instead of raising hell to escape his boredom, but boredom is good; with the right mindset, boredom is a fount of creativity.

I’ve noticed kids now hugging tablets like comforter blankets, jumping out of their parent’s oversized car and carrying their tablets into stores. Perhaps it’s nothing new; before iPads, parents distracted their kids with GameBoys, and before that, television and radio. I just can’t help but think there’s a negative here, particularly to an unfettered access of online media. Parental controls exist, sure, but what if parents don’t realize they should turn them on?

His sibling is in kindergarten now and was recently found playing cartoon sex games and watching porn on her laptop. They didn’t think she could find that stuff.