February 16, 2015

Imagine someone whose passion is cooking meals. They spend days in the kitchen, cooking for the joy of cooking. They give their food to others for free, because why not; people seem to like eating the cook’s meals. Maybe it’s only because the meals are free, but the same people keep coming back to eat more.

At some point the cook makes it known that there’s a tip jar. The cook would love to start a restaurant, or at least a food truck or cart, but the cook isn’t fortunate enough to start one without help. The cook has bills to pay just like everyone else. There’s no obligation to tip, and the meals are still free.

Most people don’t put anything in the tip jar, and there’s no shame in that — not everyone can afford to give things away — but a few people get angry. They don’t like the tip jar. It’s wrong. It’s greedy. How could someone serve free meals with a tip jar in sight. It’s all about money, money, money these days, and everyone’s a beggar. They tell the cook this while eating their free meal. The cook’s not a real cook, because real cooks enjoy cooking and sharing what they cook for free, not for money.

That’s how it’s been telling people I have a Patreon now. I get that YouTube comments represent a fraction of a percent of my viewers and their thoughts, but it’s a hundred percent of what I see. It can be frustrating.