The Death of Retail

January 3, 2016

I began by wondering how much my purchasing on Amazon had increased over time. I ended with the conclusion that undifferentiated formula retail’s dead to me.

Online spending chart

Things would look even worse if I took the time to find, date, and chart my purchases at B&H, Apple, Monoprice, Ebay, Craigslist, and boutiques too.

I hope your business model’s more than just selling another company’s products at a markup to cover the cost of your retail store operation. You’re nothing but a showroom.

But hey, at least you could still go all-in on that Alibaba arbitrage, selling nothing but rebadged $0.13 hammers for $4.99.

The only buying of mine that hasn’t been consumed by online sites is groceries, things I need urgently (pretty much nothing), and things I feel more comfortable seeing in person first (produce, materials, handiwork).

And even then, if it’s some boxed good, I’ll probably just go ahead and buy it online after seeing it in person.