Trump Tears

November 11, 2016

After the lowest turnout on a percentage basis ever recorded for a Presidential election, wherein only 47% of those eligible to vote cast a ballot, Donald Trump was selected to be forty-fifth President of the United States. That’s the real story. Ignore the ‘insurgent vote’ blabering in the media. No one voted this year, across the board, Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Maybe that’s related to the two possibilities being the least-liked candidates in history — the four-more-years rubberstamp versus an untactful egotist, both under criminal investigation during their campaigns.

Oh well. America’s Berlusconi is here.

For all Donald Trump’s talk against immigrants, he will also be the seventh President with an immigrant parent.

But how Californian! A celebrity chief executive… Maybe California really is ten years ahead of everyone else.

If Trump’s anything like previous celebrity chief executives I know, expect debt and budget cuts.

The tears all around the Internet are amazing, though. This political machine of ours won’t completely change directions just because a few cogs were replaced. The government will keep going. And hey, if you don’t like what happens next year, try actually voting in 2018. Until then, this is what we wanted; this is what we voted for.

I can’t believe suicide-prevention hotline numbers are being posted around. People are getting suicidal over their sports team losing? I’ve even seen foreign nationals in foreign countries talking about killing themselves!

As much as I dislike Trump, a part of me is satisfied Clinton didn’t win. I’m sure she didn’t give a concession speech the night she conceded, and sent Podesta to tell everyone to go home instead, because she was so arrogant that she didn’t even have such a speech prepared.

Personally I can’t wait for to watch Trump predictably fail to make his campaign promises come true. You know, because Presidents don’t write laws.

Supposedly the Democration National Committee is eating itself apart in the wake of the results. The upset to both national parties this year is quite amusing. I wonder how or if their platforms will change to increase engagement, what demographics they’ll attempt to court for 2018 and 2020.

In the wake of the election, one of the more amusing images I’ve seen is a Clinton “love trumps hate” campaign slogan below an effigy of Trump being hanged.

Protestors hanging an effigy of President-elect Trump while displaying a ‘love trumps hate’ campaign slogan