November 22, 2014

I don’t understand the European Commission and its desire to “unbundle” large American companies. It all seems like a shakedown. It’s just as misguided as China demanding that foreign companies make special products for them, instead of sitting back and letting those foreign companies do poorly if they fail to adapt.

I recognize the irony in saying this on the Internet from a consumer electronic device, but sins notwithstanding, I’m a huge bleeding-heart anti-capitalist baby. I would rather these companies withdraw from ‘headache’ markets, because what’s another billion to a multi-billion dollar company. If a secondary market doesn’t want your product as is, why expand there. You’re only increasing that market’s value.

It seems that whenever coffers dry up in Brussels, the European Commission targets dominant foreign companies for tribute, looking into their taxes and whatnot for anti-competitive practices. Sometimes this anti-competitiveness is nothing more than providing a complete product. I’m sure the only people who bought Windows N did so on accident.

It’s just all so useless, a waste of time and resources. But those foreign companies’ local competitors are the European Commission’s constituents and political financiers. And those foreign companies want access to the European market to insure a diverse revenue stream.