Why not to buy Macs

November 4, 2014

Apple may be renown for producing amazingly durable and forward-thinking computers that stand the test of time, but yet, there are still plenty of reasons not to make your next computer a new or used Macintosh.

  1. You despise the sturdy unibody aluminum construction of Macs and their composition of quality parts, preferring to instead use computers made of multiple pieces of fastened-together plastic and cost-cutting components.
  2. You spend the vast majority of your time at the keyboard playing video games like a child instead of computing.
  3. You enjoy janitoring your computer by cleaning up after behind-the-scenes system files, or you have nothing better to do but prove to yourself that you’re way smarter than the person who made your computer by customizing system files to run at your specifications, which you can do on Macs anyway if you want to for some weird reason, you monster.
  4. You have staunch ideological beliefs that keep you from using perverted, closed-source, free-as-in-beer operating systems, built atop righteous, free-as-in-freedom, open-source foundations.
  5. You don’t like using computers, instead preferring only to assemble them, either for the goal of saving enough money to buy yourself lunch that day, or for the purpose building your own sick rig, complete with annoying lights and a constant whirs.